the future is with:

With unfortunate news, and I'm kinda sad to say that, but I officially annonce
that DreamProject (the Neocities version you're currently visiting) is closed...

I know to some of you it is a loss (maybe it's a big loss for some people that were
following us for a long time.

From some time, you may knew that I run a legacy version of the site for older computers
and browsers named: "DreamProject Legacy".

I wanted to keep running the Neocities with less frequent updates to the site (those would come out
days after the Legacy version)

Well, even Revision 2 of Windows 98 Dream Edition was exclusive for DP Legacy.

Anyways, it was a great time serving DreamProject on Neocities, being my first ever adventure
of web design and hosting, the first project that became successful.

With a great community of 7,244 visitors (time of writing this letter), hope DreamProject
can grow even more.


Thank you all for your support and hope to see you on DreamProject Legacy...

~ blurry99 (formerly "andriey"), the owner and operator of "The DreamProject Team"

Rest in peace, DreamProject Neocities...